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XP Repair Pro 5.6.0 {64+32 bit} + keygen

XP Repair Pro 5.6.0 {64+32 bit} + keygen

XP Repair Pro is a popular system utility that is designed to allow any computer user to quickly and easily repair common errors that occur in Windows and thousands of other software titles. Whether you are experiencing system errors, system lockups or if your computer just seems to be running slowly, XP Repair Pro's useful tools will help revive your PC without having to spend hundreds of dollars to a computer tech to do what you can do yourself. With just the click of a button, you can quickly restore your computer back to its like new condition.

XP Repair Pro is designed to specifically target 11 areas of Windows that cause most software related system problems, as well as problems that cause your PC to act sluggish. This makes XP Repair Pro a one of a kind system utility, and no other repair tool operates as efficiently, and thoroughly.

XP Repair Pro version includes the ability to:
• Scan and Repair System and Registry Errors
• Optimize your PC and Defragment your Registry
• Monitor and View System Details
• Monitor for System Crashes
• Startup Program Manager
• Crash Monitoring
• Disk Space Cleanup
• Advanced Registry Editor

Installation :

Application : XP Repair Pro 5.6.0

* after downloading torrent,unrar it with winrar
** inside the unrar folder you will find the setup and keygen
*** run xprepairpro5_standard_x64 for a pc with 64bit operating system
   and xprepairpro5_standard_x86 for 32bit system
**** after the installation you can run the program
***** use the keygen to generate the registration information for program


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