Jumat, 04 November 2011

Mozilla Firefox 9.0 a2 Aurora

Mozilla Firefox 9.0 a2 Aurora

Mozilla Firefox Aurora -the most rapid and sure our browser owns not only rapid time loading Internet pages as well and in the search bookmarks in Chronicles. It was created on the Mozilla engine, Coy guarantees not only the speed in Bota, and the greatest protection from harmful pages.

Main features:
» Pop-up Blocker;
» Support tabs (multiple pages in one window);
» Built-in search bar in the search engines and dictionaries;
» Live Bookmarks-integrate RSS feeds;
"Ample opportunity to configure the behavior and appearance;
"Support for multiple extensions;
» Built-in tools for Web Developer;
» Automatically update as the browser itself and its extensions (version 1.5);
» Display content immediately;
» Secure storage of passwords for the sites with the ability to specify the "master password" that encrypts all of the other;
» Add a bookmark with a single click;
» Password Manager;
» Improved performance;
» Instant Web site identification;
» Full scale;
"Appearance and integration with the native platform;
» Smart address bar.

install instructions.......

just run the setup and install the program.


Mediafire Pass : mediafire-software4u

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